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BHK's Advanced Collagen Plus Description & FAQ

Skin Firmness

BHK's Advanced Collagen Plus Description:

*Collagen is responsible for keeping skin firm, smooth, elasticitic and young-looking.


*Controlled Release Technology with superior coating and entirely wrapped the advanced collagen formulation

- 3-times-better absorption

- enhancement after delivered to the intestine regions without being damaged by stomach acid


*Contains premium Hyaluronic Acid


*High Quality of Fish Collagen peptide with Low Temperature Techniques and Hydrolysis Technology, reduces the collagen molecular weight to less than 2000 kDa.


*Vitamin C helps increasing the collagen level and protect the cells from DNA damage


Main Ingredients (Per serving):

Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides 800mg

Bio-Cell Collagen 200mg


Take 2 tablets at once daily after meal.

For better result, take 2 tablets twice per day.

Do NOT take more than 6 tablets per day.




BHK's Advanced Collagen Plus FAQ


We choose the French patent fish glue, which can help improve the skin elasticity and keep the humidity, making the skin elastic and tender. It is very suitable for dry skin or skin that often works in air-conditioned room and lacks water.


How to eat?

Two capsules a day after meal. If you want to have stronger effect, you can consume two to three times. Do not consume more than 6 capsules a day.


What time to eat?

We suggest you to consume it in fixed time after meal. For example after fixed breakfast or lunch. We also have many clients who choose to consume it after breakfast.



The ingredients we choose have removed most of the allergens, but it is still recommended that people who have ever been allergic to fish should evaluate their condition or consult a doctor before taking them.


Can pregnant women eat it?

Ingredient won't have effect to pregnant woman and fetus, but pregnancy belongs to the period of special constitution. We suggest you to consume it after sufficient 3 months stable period, or can ask doctor first.


How old can you eat?

The tablet can be taken over the age of 12. Collagen loss will be rapid after the age of 25, it is recommended to start in adolescence.


Can vegetarians eat it?

This product contains hyaluronic acid extracted from fish collagen and chicken cartilage. It is not recommended for vegetarians.


What is the main component?

The main ingredients per capsule are: fish collagen 400 mg, patent chicken breast cartilage extract (containing hyaluronic acid 10 mg), vitamin C 25 mg.


Is it natural?

The main ingredients are all from natural fermentation or extraction sources! But the coating is not.


Why can't you eat on an empty stomach?

Our collagen tablet has added vitamin C, and some people take vitamin C on an empty stomach will feel uncomfortable, so it is not recommended to take it on an empty stomach.


Will it smell fishy?

We use deep - release enteric granule, it doesn’t taste when swallowed.


The source of collagen?

It is extracted from tilapia (also known as wu guo fish). It uses collagen peptide produced by the top three French collagen manufacturers in the world. It has a good quality and reputation.

What is the source of hyaluronic acid extraction?

It is produced by the United States patent company.


What is the source of hyaluronic acid extraction?

It is produced by the United States patent company.


Can it be ground into powder?

We recommend it to be swallowed in tablet form.

We use a deep release coating, which protects the collagen tablet from being destroyed by gastric acid and allows it to reach the intestine more smoothly for absorption.

If you grind it into powder and destroy the outer coating, the absorption effect may be affected.


Types of collagen?

Our products are hydrolyzed small molecules of collagen, which is a readily absorbable polypeptide in the form of molecular weight less than 2000.

Dipeptide represents two amino acids that only contain collagen, but ours is a collagen polypeptide that retains more collagen.


The human body can synthesize collagen on its own, is it useful to eat collagen in this way?

The human body has the ability to synthesize collagen itself, which will be weakened due to changes in age, daily routine and diet. Some studies have also shown that collagen is easily destroyed by gastric acid and cannot be absorbed.

Therefore, our collagen tablet is specially selected as the protection technology of enterolysis, which will not be destroyed by gastric acid. It can be completely delivered to the intestinal tract for absorption.


Is the absorption effect good?

Our deep release enteric type of collagen will not be damaged by gastric acid, and can be completely absorbed and utilized. Besides, special processes such as low-temperature extraction and hydrolysis technology can make the molecular weight less than 2000 and with good absorption so that you may see the effectiveness of it.