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BHK's 100% Collagen Powder Description & FAQ

Skin Elasticity

BHK's 100% Collagen Powder Description

*Ensures your skin strength and elasticity


*Japan advanced hydrolysis technology to produce 100% high purity intact collagen


*Molecular weight <3000 for good absorption


*Exclusive deodorizing process, no fishy smell, fine powder and can be dissolved easily


*Restores and creates youthful skin




Main Ingredients (Per serving):

100% Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides



Blend 1 stick pack of collagen powder into your favorite beverage or meal twice a day.


ID: Q0061


BHK's 100% Collagen Powder FAQ


We use collagen powder made in Japan. After deodorization, without adding pigments and spices, the ingredients are simply 100% collagen powder, which can help improve skin elasticity and moisture retention. It is recommended for moms who do not swallow tablets and pregnant women.


How to eat?

2 packets per day, can be eaten directly or added to various drinks and foods.


What time do I eat?

No limit, 2 packets per day, please consume as soon as possible after adding drinks and food.



This product contains fish products and is not suitable for people with allergies.


Can pregnant women take it?



How old can you eat?

Above 6 years old.


Can vegetarians eat it?

The ingredients of this product contain fish collagen and are not recommended for vegetarians


What are the main ingredients?

Each pack contains: 100% collagen 3g.


What kind of fish does the source of fish collagen contain?

It is selected by the Japanese collagen production plant for three kinds of fish including red snapper, tilapia, and basha. It has good quality and reputation, please feel free to add.


If collagen powder is added to a drink, do I need to pay attention to the temperature of the drink?

It is recommended to drink cold or room temperature to avoid protein denaturation affecting activity.