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BHK's hypochlorous acid spray Description & FAQ


BHK's hypochlorous acid spray Description

【Environmental Protection】

* Hypochlorous acid concentration is 100ppm, professional medical care level.

* Without added flavor and triclosan, children and pregnant women can use it with peace of mind.

* High security, can be carried abroad.

Hypochlorous acid spray can be sprayed directly on the home environment to achieve the effect of bacteriostasis.


Main Ingredients (Per serving):

Hypochlorous acid(100ppm), Aqua, Glycerin.


Suggested Use:

Direct shrinkage spraying.


ID :QSC003


BHK's hypochlorous acid spray FAQ


Can clean the environment, has the effect of sterilization and deodorization.



Hypochlorous acid water has high efficiency of anti-oxidation and should be avoided on metal surfaces.


Can spray hands?

Not recommended, it is recommended to spray on commonly used items, it is recommended that the hand can be used with alcohol dry cleaning hands.


Storage method and storage method?

The storage period is 18 months, but please use it within 3 months after opening, and store it in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, to ensure the best protection quality.


How to use spray bed and doll?

Please wipe with a paper towel 30 seconds after spraying.


How to use pets?

Hypochlorous acid water can be used in the resting area of ​​children with hair and in the environment they are often in contact with, to help clean the taste and clean.

Q:BHK's 次氯酸噴霧的功效?
Q:BHK's 次氯酸噴霧的濃度?
A:100 ppm,屬於專業醫護等級,無添加香精、三氯沙,兒童及孕婦可安心使用。
Q:BHK's 次氯酸噴霧可以使用在哪些地方?
Q:BHK's 次氯酸噴霧使用上需要注意的地方?
Q:BHK's 次氯酸噴霧可以噴手嗎?
Q:BHK's 次氯酸噴霧保存方式與存放方式?
Q:噴床與玩偶怎麼使用BHK's 次氯酸噴霧?
Q:毛小孩怎麼使用BHK's 次氯酸噴霧?