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BHK's Kids Lutein (Grape Flavor) Description & FAQ

Vision Health

BHK's Kids Lutein (Grape Flavor) Description

The free form of the patented calendula extract is easy to absorb, but not enough, the child's best brilliance factor.

Chilean wineberry has the highest anthocyanin content, delphinidin can effectively nourish the entire world.

Blueberry x black currant x mountain mulberry has rich berry polyphenols, so that children no longer feel uncomfortable.

Beta-carotene has the safest precursor of vitamin A and helps maintain vision in the dark.

Protect the children's bright future in advance, chewable tablets are designed to solve children's swallowing problems


Main Ingredients (Per serving):

Blueberry Extract 100mg

Maqui Berry Powder 30mg

Marigold Flower Extract 25mg

(Contain Free Lutein 5mg, Zeaxanthin 1mg)



Take 1 chewable tablet once or twice a day.

12 and above - Take 2-6 chewable tablets a day.

Do NOT take more than 6 chewable tablets per day.


 ID :QK001


BHK's Kids Lutein (Grape Flavor)  FAQ


Grape-flavored lutein chewable tablets can reduce the damage of 3C blue light to children, especially 2-8 years old is a critical period of vision development, which is very suitable for supplement.


How to eat?

One supplement at a time, up to 6 supplements a day.


What time do I eat?

No limit, one at a time, up to 6 per day.



1. When children eat, please accompany parents to avoid swallowing.

2. Contains anthocyanin, which is naturally purple-brown. It is normal for the tongue to be slightly purple-brown after consumption. Please feel at ease to eat.


Can pregnant women take it?

Yes, take two supplement per day.


How old can you eat?

One supplement for children under 3 years old, 2 supplements for 3-5 years old, 2-3 supplements for 6-12 years old, and 3 supplements for children over 12 years old.


Can vegetarians eat it?



What are the main ingredients?

The main ingredients of each capsule are: Canadian wild blueberry extract 100 mg, Chile wine powder 30 mg, patented calendula extract 25 mg, vitamin A 150 μg (500 IU).