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BHK's Kids Probiotic Powder with Colostrum (Orange Flavor) Description & FAQ

Kids Immunity

BHK's Kids Probiotic Powder with Colostrum (Orange Flavor) Description

[Probiotics tailored for children]

* American bovine colostrum IgG is rich in Ig, PRPs and various growth essential nutrients to maintain health away from the threat of growth stage.

* The patented egg yolk IgY, the dual patent process strictly controls the quality, and has multiple literature support, which helps maintain the health of the digestive tract.

* Six-in-one functional probiotics, selected from the probiotics of the professional R & D team in the Netherlands, help to adjust the constitution and reduce sensitivity.

* When children are exposed to changes and threats in the external environment, they can have enough protection to defend their health.


Main Ingredients (Per serving):

Colostrum (bovine)(30% IgG) 350mg

Egg Yolk Powder (Egg Yolk IgY) 250mg



Take 1 stick pack once or twice a day.


 ID :QK003


BHK's Kids Probiotic Powder with Colostrum (Orange Flavor)  FAQ


The colostrum probiotics contain "Probiotics compound with Somin", which can prevent children from having allergies. In addition, adding IgY and Ig G can increase resistance and avoid the risk of colds and rotavirus infection.


How to eat?

Children under 3 years old, can take one pack a day, over 3 years old, it is recommended to add 2 packs a day, one pack each morning and evening.


What time do I eat?

Take one pack per day, can take it directly with water, if want to strengthen, one day can supplement 2 pack.



Contains milk and egg products, people who are allergic to it or egg milk are not suitable for consumption.


Can pregnant women take it?



How old can you eat?

Generally, there is no age limit. If the baby starts drinking formula milk or eating non-staple foods, it can be supplemented.


Can vegetarians eat it?

This product is lactoprotein, if it is vegan, it is not recommended to supplement.


What are the main ingredients?

The main ingredients of each pack are: American Colostrum Protein IgG 30% 350 mg, patented egg yolk powder (including egg yolk IgY) 250 mg.


What kind of bacteria are there?

There are 6 kinds of bacteria, each pack contains about 200 million bacteria.

Bifidobacterium bifidum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus salivarius, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus casei, Lactococcus lactis.