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BHK's Glucosamine+MSM Cream Description & FAQ

Joint Nourishing

BHK's Glucosamine+MSM Cream Description

*A soothing cream for the skin, joints and cartilage.


*Very effective for supporting healthy joints!


*Flex Ease (EFAC) is highly recommended by doctors in the U.S.


*OptiMSM can sooth the joint and muscle pain from exercise or aging.


*Relieve joint pain, increase mobility and protect cartilage.

*Reduces the osteoarthritis.


*You can use it for limb joints, necks, waist and muscles massage.

Main Ingredients (Per serving):



Get suitable quantity of cream (suggested 2-3ml).

Apply and massage on your limb joints.

Apply 2-3 times ONLY per day.


ID: Q0032


BHK's Glucosamine+MSM Cream FAQ


It helps to relieve sore joints with patented natten, and it also helps increase joint lubrication.


How to do?

Please apply appropriate amount (about 2~3ml) to the moving parts of joints, 2~3 times a day. If you feel uncomfortable, you can apply it immediately.


What time do I use?

Generally it is recommended to use in the morning and night. Use it immediately if you feel uncomfortable or after exercise.



1. This product is for application and it is not edible.

2. Please be careful not to rub it into eyes. In case of eye contact, please wash with clean water immediately.

3. Do not apply it on the wound. If there is any skin abnormality, please stop using it.

4. Pregnant and nursing women should consult their doctor before using.

5. Please keep it out of reach of baby's hands.

6. Added mint, so it is not suitable for those who are with G6PD deficiency.


Can pregnant women take it?

Please consult your doctor before using it.


How old can I use?

This product does not contain western medicine, and there is no side effects, so it can be used for those who are over 3 years old.


What are the main ingredients?

Patented Proprietary Blend of Esterified Fatty Acid Complex (7.5%), U.S. patented MSM organic sulfur (10%), glucosamine hydrochloride, arnica, shea butter extract.


Product capacity? How long can it be used?

One is 50 milliliters, if you rub twice a day it is for about a month. 5-6 times is about half a month.


What is Natron? Effect?

Natten is a plant derived fatty acid (vegetable oil). It is a natural anti-inflammatory compound that enables joints to produce fluid and reduces wear and tear between cartilage and periosteum. It can safely improve joint flexibility and healthy function, and improve the lubrication of injured joints.


MSM function?

MSM is a natural organic sulfide extracted from pine bark that has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps repair worn and injured joints, ligaments and tendon cells.


Glucosamine effect?

Glucosamine mainly acts on cartilage, which can stimulate chondrocytes to produce collagen and proteoglycan to help repair damaged cartilage tissue, make cartilage absorb enough lubricating fluid, and maintain bone and joint health.


What are the functions of other auxiliary ingredients?

Organic sulfur, mint (cool) : anti-inflammatory, analgesic, promote skin microcirculation, activate collateral effect

Arnica: it has excellent activation and soothing effect. Olympic athletes often use it to massage and relax themselves and relieve the discomfort caused by long-term sports.

Shea butter (nourishing) : with high content of triterpenes key ingredients and vitamin E, it can effectively repair, nourish, soothe and activate.


Will a degenerated and painful knee also work?

It can relieve degenerative arthritis and improve inflammatory symptoms.


Is osteoporosis effective?

Osteoporosis is the lack of calcium in the bone, you can consume amino acid chelate calcium.


Is cartilage wear effective?

Yes, this product can improve the flexibility of joints, accelerate the formation of cartilage, and improve the lubrication of injured joints.


Where does glucosamine come from?

Glucosamine is the glucosamine hydrochloride from crab shell fermentation.