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BHK's L-Carnitine Description & FAQ

Fat Burning

BHK's L-Carnitine Description:

Effective metabolism booster to lose weight

.Fitness support

.Transports fatty acids

.Boosts cellular energy



An amino acid that providing energy to muscles, and has been described as a conditionally essential nutrient for humans.

Animal products like meat, fish, poultry, and milk are the best sources.

The highest concentrations of carnitine are found in red meat.

It can also be found in dairy, wheat, avocado, etc.

Most of us produces sufficient carnitine to meet the needs of our body.

For genetic or medical reasons, some individuals cannot produce enough and therefore carnitine is a conditionally essential nutrient for them.

Significantly, L-Carnitine will greatly raise the probability of achievement regarding the purpose of muscle gaining and weight loss.


Main Ingredients (Per serving):



Take 3 times daily, 1 capsule at once, before breakfast, lunch and dinner.




BHK's L-Carnitine FAQ:


It can promote adipose metabolism, and the effect will be better if you go with

30 minutes or above aerobic exercise.


How to eat?

Three times a day after meal and one capsule at each time. Do not consume more than 3 capsules a day.


Have time to eat during exercise?

We suggest you to take two capsules before exercise, and one capsule after any meal.



Pregnant women, nursing women, liver and kidney dysfunction, liver and kidney disease patients should avoid taking it.


Can pregnant women take it?

We do not suggest since pregnancy is a special physical period, please consume it after pregnancy.


How old can you eat?

We suggest people who are above 12 years old to consume it.


Can vegetarians eat it?



What are the main ingredients?

The main ingredients of each capsule is: carnitine 250 mg.


How many minutes before exercise?

Within one hour before exercise.


How to eat only two meals a day?

Then you can take 1 capsule after each meal, just the effect may not be that good. We suggest you to take 3 meals, take regular rest, and go with 30 minutes or above aerobic exercise, so that it is more effective to promote adipose metabolism.


Will my body get hot and sweat after eating? Or abdominal get hot?

It can help adipose combustion metaboliz, so it it normal to have this kind of condition. Intestines and stomach of some people is more sensitive, abdomen can be a little bit hot is also normal phenomenon.