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BHK's PACs Cranberry Probiotic Powder Description & FAQ


Feminine Health


1. Cranberry Extract

High dose 40mg procyanidins A, and 4% of organic acid, deal with discomfort, infection, and weaken bad bacteria in private area


2. Patented Probiotics

With 3 effective patents, enhance health and maintain the right pH of private area to eliminate discomfort


3. Isomaltooligosaccharides and Arabic Gum

Prebiotics that help probiotics to retain, maintain a healthy environment.


Main Ingredients(Per serving):

Cranberry Extract 250mg

Cranberry Extract (320:1) 100mg

Probiotic Bacteria Blend 66mg



Take 1 stick pack daily on an empty stomach. For better results, take 2 stick packs daily.


Effect after taking supplementation?

This product is effective to prevent UTI, ease women's private area discomfort such as itch, odor, and excessive discharge. Cranberry inhibits the proliferation of bad bacteria in women's private areas. Highly recommended for those wanting to take good care of a private area, but having a hard time swallowing tablets.


How to consume?

Take 1 stick pack daily on an empty stomach. For better results, take 2 stick packs daily. It is recommended to take before sleeping time to enhance the efficacy of active ingredients in cranberry probiotics.


1. Taking this product without enough liquid may cause choking.

2. Contains milk and soy. NOT suitable for milk or soy allergy sufferers.


Is it suitable for pregnant women?



At what age can I start supplementation? 

6 and above.


Is it vegan-friendly? 

This product is ovo-lacto-vegeterian friendly.


What are the main ingredients?

Each pack contains: Cranberry Extract 250mg, Cranberry Extract (320:1) 100mg, Probiotic Bacteria Blend 66mg.