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BHK's  Patented Vitex Chaste Berry Extract Veg Description & FAQ

Regular Period

BHK's  Patented Vitex Chaste Berry Extract Veg Description 

*The fruit of the chaste tree, also known as Chaste tree berry, vitex agnus-castus or monk's pepper


*Vitex has traditionally been used to balance a woman's menstrual period


*Used to treat premenstrual syndrome (PMS) including constipation, irritability, cramps, breast pain and sensitivity.


*Relieve symptoms of menopause


*Solve infertility issues

*Overcome reproductive system problems


Main Ingredients (Per serving):

Chaste Berry Extract 25mg



Take 1 capsule daily after meal.

For better result, take 2 capsules at once.

Do NOT take more than 2 capsules per day.


 ID : Q0074


BHK's  Patented Vitex Chaste Berry Extract Veg  FAQ


It can promote the production of lutein in the body, improve irregular menstrual period, and it can also adjust the amount of menstruation.


How to eat?

One capsule per day after meal. We suggest you to consume two capsules a day for the first 8 weeks.


What time do I eat?

You can take it after meals, we suggest you to consume it at fixed time.



Children, pregnant nursing women and liver and kidney dysfunction are not recommended to take it. If there are gynecological diseases and long-term use of contraceptives and hormone therapy, please consult a doctor first.


Can pregnant women take it?

Pregnant and nursing women should not take it.


Can pregnancy be supplemented?

For those with irregular ovulation and insufficient lutein, vitx chaste berries can be used for improvement during pregnancy, and 2 berries per day are recommended for the first 8 weeks.

★ Gynecological diseases and long-term use of contraceptives and hormone therapy, please consult a doctor first.


Can ovulation medicine or ovulation needle be supplemented?

It is recommended to consult a physician first.


Can I supplement ovulation medicine and progesterone medicine?

If there are supplements for ovulation or progesterone, it is recommended that you do not supplement holy raspberries, because they are all ways of supplementing hormones. I am afraid that they will touch each other. If you really want to supplement, I suggest you consult a doctor first. I don't encourage you to add here. I also want to prepare myo-inositol to be a good product ~


Can menstruation be supplemented?

Yes, you can continue to consume it.


How old can you eat?

It is suitable to take it for those who are above 18.


Can vegetarians eat it?

Yes, it's ok to take it.


What are the main ingredients?

The main ingredient of each capsule are: European holy berry (western vitex) extract 25 milligram, vitamin B6 1 milligram, vitamin E 6.7 milligram, zinc 5 milligram.


How long does it take to eat it?

To regulate physiological function, please continue to take it for more than three months.


After the conditioning, will it become irregular if there is no supplement?

No, if you have already adjusted your period, you still have to balance work and rest and let the mood loosen. If menstruation is maladjusted normally it is because of bad mood and nervous, overworked for a long time, pressure, make endocrine maladjusted.


What is the origin of Holy Berry?

Our vitex chaste berries extraction is from Spain.


Is holy raspberry natural?

Our vitex chaste berries come from the fruit of the natural western negundo chaste tree.


Does it contain hormones?

Holy raspberry does not contain hormones, the main role is to help regulate physiological functions, if there are gynecological tumor-related diseases or family history, please consult a physician before eating health food.


Holy Berry Network says it needs to be supplemented with 1000 mg to have an effect. How come we only have 25 mg?

We are a concentrated extraction source, which mainly quantifies the active ingredients and has a good effect.


Why does holy berry menstruation come without pause?

The dosage of BHK's holy raspberry is within a safe range. Supplementation during physiological periods will not affect physiological functions.