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BHK's  Patented Wild Bitter Melon Extract Veg Description & FAQ

Blood Sugar

BHK's  Patented Wild Bitter Melon Extract Veg Description

Bitter guide of diabetes

"A way to maintain your blood sugar regulation.

A hidden secret to fat loss and longevity."


Patented Glycostat Wild Bitter Melon Extract

Supports blood pressure and blood sugar already in the normal range.

Bitter melon has been used traditionally to support cardiovascular and metabolic functions for ages.

Bitter melon shows promise for treating or preventing a number of health conditions, including diabetes.



Plays a crucial role in balancing insulin and glucose.



Helps to keep blood sugar levels normal.


Main Ingredients (Per serving):

Patented Glycostat Wild Bitter Melon Extract 500mg,

Magnesium 250mg,

Chromium 200mcg



Take 2 capsules daily after meal.

Do NOT take more than 2 capsules per day.




BHK's  Patented Wild Bitter Melon Extract Veg FAQ


Recommended for people with high blood sugar or sweet tooth, can help stabilize blood sugar and control appetite.


How to eat?

Take 2 capsules at a time, it is recommended to take 30 minutes before meals, once after strengthening breakfast and dinner. Up to 4 tablets.


What time do I eat?

Take it 30 minutes before meals, and it works best. If you are too late, you can eat it before meals.



This product contains chromium and magnesium to maintain the normal metabolic function of sugar. Please avoid taking it with hypoglycemic drugs.

Children, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, patients taking medicines and patients with major diseases, please consult a physician first.


Can pregnant women take it?

The period of pregnancy and lactation is a period of special constitution, it is recommended to ask the doctor first.


How old can you eat?

Above 12.


Can vegetarians eat it?

Yes, it's ok to take it.


What are the main ingredients?

The main ingredients of each capsule are: US patent mountain balsam pear extract 375 mg (including balsam pear peptide), magnesium 200 mg, chromium 100 μg and Zinc 6 mg.


How much bitter gourd peptide?

The bitter gourd extract contains 5% bitter gourd peptide, each capsule contains 18.75 mg.


What is a peptide?

We use patented water extraction technology to retain the activity of peptides. The effect of bitter melon peptides is greater than bitter melon extraction.


What type of chromium is balsam pear peptide?

Our chromium is yeast chromium.


Can people with diabetes already eat it?

Yes, if you have been taking medication for a long time, because there are many types of diabetes, it is recommended that you ask your doctor how to take it with you. If you have symptoms of high blood sugar, but you are not taking medication at the moment, It is highly recommended that you can supplement bitter melon peptide to help regulate blood sugar.


Can I add insulin?

Yes, just add it before a normal meal. If you have other liver and kidney complications, please consult your doctor.


If there is no diabetes (undiagnosed), but the blood sugar is always high, can I strengthen the supplement?

Yes, it is recommended to choose 2 tablets before each meal. If you have high blood sugar for a long time, you must consult a doctor first.


Why is there no effect at all after eating bitter melon peptide?

Doesn't blood sugar or hemoglobin lower control?

In addition to helping to control blood sugar stability, supplementing with bitter gourd peptide also requires taking medication and receiving treatment as directed by the doctor. Daily diet and balanced nutrition also need to be coordinated. If you already have diabetes, you need to pay attention to your life and have a balanced diet. For dietary intake, it is recommended that you refer to the sugar-control diet.