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Furluv Urinary Care for Dogs Description & FAQ 


Urinary Health



1. Cordyceps Militaris Mycelium

Patented solid-state fermentation technology, polysaccharide content up to 12% to maintain kidney health


2. Cranberry Extract

Patented cold pressing process, highly concentrated whole fruit extraction for urinary tract care


3. Pumpkin Seeds Extract

For smooth urinary support


4. Poria Extract Granule

With active ingredients in poria extract like polysaccharides and dietary fiber to enhance metabolism


Effect after taking supplementation?

Contains precious 「Omega3-6-9」, Curcubitine, Phytosterol, that deal with dog's urination problems such as too frequent urination. Cranberry extract to prevent urinary tract infection, and Cordyceps Militaris to improve kidney's health.


How to consume?

Consume 1 stick pack once a day for dogs ranging from 1-10 kgs, twice a day for dogs ranging from 10-25 kgs.

Feeding amount adjustment is needed according to the dog's condition. This product is suitable for dogs of all ages, can be eaten directly or mixed with dog food.


1. Consume immediately after opening.

2. This supplement can not substitute the main food.

3. After being mixed with water, consume within 2 hours.

4. Pet food is not medicine. Consult the veterinarian regarding any further questions.


What kind of dog is suitable for this supplementation? 

This product is suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds.


What are the main ingredients?

Cordyceps Militaris Mycelium 50mg

Pumpkin Seeds Extract 100mg

Cranberry Extract 65mg

Poria Extract Granule 200mg

Linseed Oil Powder